$6.00 USD
$2.00 Klargjøringsavgift
Ninja Cat Package
5gb of storage for $6
150gb of bandwidth a month.

Most websites don't even need 1GB storage!

Simple and cheap. The Ninja Cat Package is the way to go if you're looking for hosting without extra features that raise the price.

$10.00 USD
$2.00 Klargjøringsavgift
Cyborg Cat Package
10gb of storage for $10
300gb of bandwidth a month.
Shell Access.
More than double the resources!

Need more than the Ninja Cat Package? This is it. 10gb of storage 300gb of bandwidth. 100 email accounts. shell access.

$15.00 USD
$2.00 Klargjøringsavgift
Cyborg Ninja Cat Package
20gb of storage for $15
600gb of bandwidth a month.
Shell Access.
Why? Because.

Ludicrous amounts of resources. You really don't even need this much!

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